What is Connect The Dots?

Connect the Dots is a hub for self-mastery resources for growth-oriented individuals who don’t want to settle for a life that’s less than what they know they’re capable of. But if you’re thinking this is like any other self-development subscription… think again!

Connect the Dots is an educational coaching experience and community for everyone who shares the following convictions:

  • We can’t control everything that happens around us, but we can influence what happens within us. Self-mastery is the key to leading a self-defined, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

  • Our nervous system and mind-body connection are the survival systems that we can reprogram to help us fully thrive. Without a reliable, empowering way to self-regulate our mental, emotional, and physical states, we are unintentionally allowing external circumstances to control our lives.

  • Growth and change doesn’t happen for us in isolation. In fact, it's amplified when we're surrounded by others who can relate to us and mirror back new possibilities through their own journey. Community is essential.

  • Time and energy is precious and meant to be conserved. Having a trusted place to go for useful, bite-sized self-mastery resources is far more effective than a self-study course (with an average 6% completion rate).

  • There is no one-size-fits-all to change. Having a trusted guide who can offer quick and personalized support to integrate information or tools is a game changer for true progress. And it should be financially accessible to all!

Connect the Dots embodies these beliefs by bringing together an interconnected, worldwide community that can amplify their own and each other’s growth through coaching and conversation around self-mastery. The teachings and tools show you how to use science-based systems/concepts like The Gene Keys and Polyvagal Theory to help you thrive as your truest self.

What will Connect the Dots include?

Connect the Dots is meant to be your go-to space to navigate life’s ups and downs with authenticity and success. It’s filled with several ways to understand and utilize self-mastery concepts to the fullest!

Connect the Dots features:

  • Teachings: regular written posts breaking down the science-based “Connect the Dots Method” to reprogramming your mind-body connection and nervous system.

  • Toolkit: ongoing multimedia posts to turn to for proven processes to self-regulate, find clarity, and thrive (ex: a gene keys based emotional freedom technique “tapping” tool).

  • Podcast: weekly episodes with bite-sized teachings and "Spotlight" episodes featuring real-life application of the CTD method to inspire your growth.

  • Community Chat: active, engaging chat threads with community members to connect about your experimentation with the CTD method.

  • Creative Support: a fun weekly “Rx” (prescription) of media to watch that'll amplify your understanding of a particular gene key, concept, or process.

Who’s Chrissy?

Hey there! I’m your guide here at Connect the Dots. Recognized as a "Top Mindset Coach in 2020" by Yahoo Finance, I’ve spent years coaching hundreds of people worldwide and can be found featured in 25+ podcasts and global publications including Halle Berry's re-spin, Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine.

The reason I’ve created this space? Well, I've been obsessed with making sense of myself and my life experiences to get out of my own way and reach my potential.

When a dance injury, hip surgery, and years of chronic pain stopped my professional dance career, my well-being completely crumbled. I lost my sense of self, my direction, my purpose, and view on life, all while fighting for years to find answers to bounce back mentally and physically. After making a full recovery nearly a decade later, I learned that having certain skills, education, and support earlier in life could have saved me from so much needless suffering and time lost.

I was floored that it took YEARS for any professional to introduce me to the mind-body connection and its relationship to our survival patterns, core beliefs, self-understanding, and overall potential we tap into.

Since I healed, I've been inspired to use my healthcare and self-development expertise in Occupational Therapy, Life & Success Coaching, and several wellness modalities to help others connect-the-dots and find alignment in any area of life they want to change.

I'm here to help you retrain your mind and body to get out of survival mode and find the way you’re naturally designed to thrive. Since I couldn't find a synthesis of the methods and tools that helped me in one place, I decided to create it for you here!

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Why subscribe?

By subscribing to Connect the Dots, you are committing to your potential by giving your mind-body connection what it needs to help you thrive. You will never have to worry about missing a thing: every new posting and resource will go directly to your inbox.

NOTE: This is designed as a paid experience first due to the nature of the content and coaching approach to this space. If you’re a free subscriber, you’ll receive access to occasional free resources that help you understand the methodology behind the CTD Method and gives you a taste for what CTD is all about.

If you join CTD as a paid subscribing member, you get access to all of the features listed above!

Feel free to check out the CTD subscription options to see details or explore Chrissy’s more in-depth description of the experience at www.chrissypapetti.com/connect-the-dots.

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A fun, engaging self-mastery hub with resources to help you thrive (not just survive) through life. Using science-based systems, like Gene Keys and Polyvagal Theory, to optimize your nervous system so nothing holds you back from living to the fullest.


Chrissy Papetti

Self-Mastery Educator & Coach on a mission to help people retrain their brain to thrive. Professional expertise includes Occupational Therapy, Life & Success Coaching, & several wellness modalities.