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Self-Awareness is Step One

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Self-Awareness is Step One

Learn why self-awareness is the most significant factor toward having, doing, and being what you most want in your life.

CTD Podcast - Episode 6

  • Learn the staggering researched-backed statistic about how many people are actually self-aware.

  • Understand why self-awareness is the first step and secret weapon in your ability to get results using the Connect the Dots Method.

  • Get Chrissy’s 3 best ways to sharpen your self-awareness while applying this CTD method:

    • Hear the flip in C…

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Connect the Dots Podcast
A self-mastery series with everything you need to optimize your nervous system so you can thrive (not just survive). Exploring the use of the Gene Keys, Polyvagal Theory, and neuroplasticity in a fun, experimental way to find alignment in life.
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